City of Kansas City, Mo.
Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund
City Hall – 24th Floor
414 E. 12th St.
Kansas City, MO 64106

816-513-3451(p), 816-513-3471(f) 

Eligibility Application

Important: Online NTDF applications must be submitted online before 5 p.m. on the date the application is due. 
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Section A — Organization information
A.1. Project director:
Name and title of person responsible for completion of the project. This will be the official contact for all correspondence.
A.2. Organization name
Official name of participating organization as stated on certificate of incorporation
A.3. Address where the organization is officially located 
Street address
City, state and zip
Email address
A.4. County
County where the organization is officially located
Federal employee identification number
A.6. Bank name
Name of bank where Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund money would be deposited
A.7. Bank account number
Bank account number for A.6.
A.8. Number of employees
Number of paid employees — do not include volunteers
A.9. Event City Council District
City Council District where the event will be held
A.10. Organization City Council District
City Council District where the organization is located
A.11a. Project/Event name
Name of the proposed project/event
A.11b. Project/Event date
Date of the proposed project/event
A.12. Responsible parties
List the individuals responsible for the execution and successful completion of the proposed project